Masáže Husova

Do you suffer from back pain? Are you tired? Let us treat you! 

We are a group of experienced masseurs. We will make sure you will leave refreshed. We are here for you since morning until evening.

Massages we offer

Classic Massage - Masáže Husova

We will help you relax and leave everyday problems behind.

Deep Tissue Massage - Masáže Husova

Pain relief for your back, neck or lymphatic system.

A bit of luxury - Masáže Husova

Pamper yourself with our luxurious massages.

Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurvedic relaxing and marma massages for specific problems.

Our masseurs

Zuzana Bartoňová - Masáže Husova

Zuzana Bartoňová
carefulness, empathy, altruism

Martina Slavinská - Masáže Husova

Martina Slavinská
motion, fire, empathy

Tharidu Jayasundera - Masáže Husova

Tharidu Jayasundera
health, happiness, life

Michal Hořenovský

Michal Hořenovský
individuality, energy, motion

Jiří Kříž - Masáže Husova

Jiří Kříž
motion, empathy, patience

Martin Vodvářka

Martin Vodvářka
devotion, goodwill, toleration

David Bůžek(ethicotherapy)
empathy, understanding, support

Take a look

Pictures from our salon at Masáže Husova.

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