About the Dorn Method

The massage using the Dorn method levels statics of a body, puts joints into a correct position, solves scoliosis, kyphosis and other chronic problems of a spine and helps with migraines. Dorn method can be used to treat anyone, if the person can move at least a little bit. For permanent improvement of a client’s condition, it is necessary to follow the therapy with correct exercising and changing of motion habits.

How this massage is performed

The client cooperates passively with the therapist. Techniques are delicate and results are similar to chiropractic with the exception of the fact that the Dorn method doesn’t use any quick or harsh manipulation. Tight muscles are first relaxed by a massage, only then begins a gentle work with a spine.

The ideal number of massages

For the massage to be effective and to bring a permanent improvement of your condition, it’s necessary to repeat the massage several times (at least three times in case of this kind of massage). We will be happy to give you advice and offer the most suitable solution for you.

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Dorn Method

Who performs the dorn method

Dorn Method
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