When this massage is appropriate

You can make an immediate appointment for this massage if you suffer from blocked neck, thorax, back or another accute problem we can help with. The problem can occur due to everyday incorrect sitting, incorrect lifestyle and it can also be a result of a small accident like a neck pinch or a result of illness, sporting or stress. We are here to help you. We have long-time experience with using special touches leading to an effective solution of the problem.

About this massage

For the “Unblocking of Spine” massage, we use painless and safe techniques leading to loosening of the blocking and relaxation of hard or painful parts of your body.

Sometimes the blocking can be removed immediately but it’s possible that several visits will be needed – it depends on the kind and intensity of the blocking. According to the specific problem, we will recommend exercise that will help and also give advice to avoid the problem in future.

The ideal number of massages

For the massage to be effective and bring permanent improvement of your condition, it may be necessary to repeat the massage several times. We will be happy to give you advice and offer the most suitable solution for you.

In case of repeated visits, the best and cheapest solution is to buy a Season Ticket.

Immediate help: +420 723 774 620

Price: 490 Kč / 30 min.

Unblocking of Spine - Masáže Husova

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