About Gentle techniques

Gentle techniques, also known as soft techniques or myofacial massage, is a method of manual therapy. It is done in a dry way without any oil. We use it as a supporting massage when we notice reflexive changes on skin, hypodermis and muscles. The technique releases fascias sticked to hypodermis which we can feel as an unpleasant pressure in a muscle or acute pain. The method focuses on specific troubles with client’s muscular and tendon system.
A fascia = connective tissue fibers, primarily collagen, that form sheets or bands beneath the skin to attach, stabilize, enclose and separate muscles and other internal organs. Fasciae are normally thought of as passive structures that transmit mechanical tension generated by muscular activities or external forces throughout the body. The function of muscle fasciae is to reduce friction to minimize the reduction of muscular force.

Normal movement needs normal tense and function of soft tissue. If the technique is done correctly, the skin is springy in all the directions, the mobility gets better and muscles pain leaves. The sitff parts of the body tend to get injured which is why releasing and restoring the soft tissues function works also like a prevention.

Postizometric relaxation (PIR)

Postisometric relaxation (PIR) is a very effective mobilisation technique of dealing with acute tension in soft tissue problems that may preclude immediate spinal adjustment. We sometimes use its antigravity version as well.

The technique is used to increase movability of joints and get rid of functional barrier. It is good for people with movement disorders and repetitive injuries or with headaches, pain in neck spine, lower back, shoulders, elbows.

Long story short – stretching exercise done by a therapist with the attendance of a client. You will soon find the automobilisation exercises in the Exercise part.

Usefulness of this therapy

When having specific troubles – stiff nape, lower back pain etc. The most effective method is a combination of Gentle techniques with Deep massage, Trigger points therapy and other techniques. We always adjust our massages according to the state and wishes of our client.

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