Relaxing Massages are massages that help you relax. Leave everyday problems and stress behind you and leave your body in hands of our experienced masseurs. Prices are the same for every type of massage and start at 420 Kč. You can leave choosing the massage to us – just make an appointment through the reservation form or by phone. We always select the most suitable techniques according to the problems and wishes of our clients. If you have any special requests, please state them when making the appointment. You can also purchase Gift Vouchers or save money with Season Tickets.

Classic Massage

Classic massage consists of the most common techniques that originated mostly from the so called Swedish reconditioning massage. The massage intends to complexly loosen the body and to help clients with creating correct motion habits read more…

Klasická masáž - Masáže Husova

Massage for pregnant women

The massage is an individual therapy for women both before and after delivery. It makes all the body changes easier and it is a great preparation for the delivery itself read more…

Gentle techniques and PIR

Gentle techniques, also known as soft techniques or myofacial massage is a method of manual therapy. It is done in a dry way without any oil. We use it as a supporting massage when we notice reflexive changes on skin, hypodermis and muscles read more…

Jemné techniky

Dry Massage

During Dry Massage, massage oils are not used. Therefore, it’s a dry technique, applied through clothes or without clothes. During this massage, we use a combination of common massage techniques, according to the state and wishes of our client read more…

Suchá masáž - Masáže Husova

Is it difficult to choose?

No problem! Call us or send an e-mail and we will help you to choose the best massage for you. We’re here for you! ?
Or just make an appointment and we can choose the massage for you when you come.

Are you going to our massage for the first time and you are worried about the whole process? How to prepare for the massage and to know what to expect, please see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS of our clients.

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