About The Lava Stone Massage

This technique belongs the to category of very intensive massages and creates a unique luxury experience for our clients. Massage touches are intensified by stones heated to 45-55°C. Heat is absorbed by the body which helps muscles to loosen more effectively. That’s why every touch is much more effective and clients enjoy unique relaxation.

Lava stone massage originates in Hawaii and that’s why its technique is closely connected with Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage. Mostly forearm is used and the rhythm of the massage reminds of the ocean waves.

Moreover, hot stones are suitable for loosening energy lines (meridians). Heat works like an indicator of blocks and their healer.

What is this massage suitable for?

This type of massage is suitable for intensive detoxication and deep rest.

The ideal time for lava stone massage is autumn and winter months when body must get used to cold weather and it gets stiff to protect itself from the cold.

Indulge in a little luxury and let yourself be nursed!

Price: 750 Kč / 60 min
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Lava Stone Massage

Who performs the Lava Stone Massage


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