About cupping

During cupping therapy we massage your back, especially around stiff places – triggerpoints, reflex zones and acupuncture points, which can loosen and stir up energetically with the help of the cups.

Cupping helps with local pain in sinews by creating underpressure that leads to better vascularity and oxidation of the given zone. It’s used mostly in combination with classic massage for healthy people. Time period of the cup effect is 15 minutes at maximum.

Is cupping suitable for me?

Using of cupping is subject to health condition. It’s not suitable for people with blood disease – bad coagulation, haemophilia and thrombosis, for people with skin disease, with swellings or oncology diseases. Using this technique is also not possible for people who are too exhausted and older people.

What type of cups do we use?

We use vacuum cups. They’re less dangerous than glass cups, for which it’s necessary to create underpressure using open fire.

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Cupping Therapy

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