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empathy, understanding, support

Ethicotherapy is an original Czech method dealing with healing ill relations and changing bad customs and habits that complicate our life.

Together with you we will find out causes of your problems in ill relations with other people and above all with yourself.

Ethicotherapy is based on seven mostly burdening and destabilizing emotions that significantly influence our physical and psychic condition.

Envy, hate, injustice, regret, fear and suffering for others influence all that is happening in our everyday life, including the development of personal and professional relations.

We can simplify by saying that specific problems originate in the moment that our soul is affected by these unsolved illnesses. Illness of a body is, from the point of view of ethicotherapy, only material imprint of an illness of a soul.


„Body is only a cover of a soul – when the soul is healthy, the body is

healthy, too. When the soul is sick, the body gets sick, too.“


David Bůžek
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