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A beautiful variant of massage techniques is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. It’s not a well-known method but it’s very effective. Contrary to classic massages, mainly a forearm is used and the whole therapy pulsates in a regular calming rhythm that is supposed to evoke humming of the ocean.

Inclusion of a forearm enables clients to experience unique feeling of relaxation. Bigger areas are massaged and a masseur smoothly moves from one body part to another. That evokes a feeling that breaks borders between specific areas and clients intensively enjoy every piece of their bodies during the whole time of the massage. Senses cannot perceive the process precisely and a head cannot rationalize.

Moreover, touches are gentle and always pleasant, so it’s suitable for very sensitive clients who fear pain. During this massage we use a traditional high quality coconut oil that has a very beneficial effect on skin and its unmistakable scent pulls you even deeper into the exotic world.

This technique is highly relaxing.

What does Lomi Lomi mean?

Lomi Lomi means squeeze, knead, cleanse. It means ‘loving hans’ or ‘massage’ in translation. It touches your soul through physical touch and gentle removal of emotional blocks.

What makes Lomi Lomi special?

The technique of massage with forearms, whole palms and fingers has been being passed down from generation to generation on Hawaii. Unlike the classic massage this one is more energic, rhythmical and faster. The massage is not painful, it is very calming and pleasing.

Hawaii life philosophy tells us about 7 HUNA principles: IKE = the world is what we think it is, KALA = there are no limits, MAKIA = energy flows where our attention goes, MANAWA = presence is a moment of power, ALOHA = to love means to be happy with someone, MANA = all the power comes from the inside and PONO = efficiency is a size of truth.

To understand the massage and fell deeply relaxed you need to realize the basic thought of HUNA, which is that everything is looking for balance and love. The massage is for real massage enthusiasts and people who work on themselves both physically and mentally. It helps realize oneself and feel love and freedom of mind.

What is the effect of this massage?

This gem among massages releases stiff muscles, tiredness and tense, makes blood circulation faster, stimulates lymphatic system which supports natural detoxication, balances the whole organism and increases man’s vitality.

Price: 750 Kč / 60 min
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Hawaiian Massage - Masáže Husova

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