What are trigger points?

Trigger points are stiff spots in muscles. They often hinder mobility, or cause pain and other problems. Problems caused by trigger points often occur in some other part of the body than in the place of the trigger point, because muscles depend on each other and don’t move separately.

What is the cause of trigger points?

Trigger points can be caused by overburdening muscles, by doing the same movements over and over again (wrong body posture, mouse clicking…) or they can occur after injury.

How do we get rid of trigger points?

We massage stiff places with fingers, or eventually stretch muscles where trigger points were detected.

Who is this massage suitable for?

This massage is suitable for people with muscle pains caused by working with computer or doing sports during which certain muscle groups are strained. The number of visits can be dependent on the state of the client. For bigger or stiffer trigger points, more visits are usually needed (at least 3 visits).

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