Massage for employees directly in your company

We offer a possibility of an interesting employee benefit that can help your company to be different from competition and at the same time create a special and original motivation for your emplyoees.

We offer massages directly in your company. We can also arrange a visit to your company’s event.

How we do office massages

Directly in your office we massage on a mobile massage table, ideally in a separate room.

Benefit for your employees

Classic or Regeneration massage can bring a welcome relief for your employees. It’s a great help against tiredness, stress or even pain while working with the computer. Our massage can bring new energy for your employees. They will work more happily and effectively.

Time and length of the massages

The overall length and number of clients can be arranged according to your wishes and needs.

The minimum length of one massage is 30 minutes.

Example of massage hours: 9 – 11.30, 12.30 – 15.00

Types of massages and masseurs

The type of massage and masseur can be chosen according to your preference. We can also help to choose the appropriate massage for individual employees.

You can find all types of massages we offer on our Massages page.


In case of interest, please contact us by phone or e-mail.


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