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Zuzana Bartoňová - Masáže Husova

Zuzana Bartoňová
carefulness, empathy, altruism

Martina Slavinská - Masáže Husova

Martina Slavinská
motion, fire, empathy

Tharidu Jayasundera - Masáže Husova

Tharidu Jayasundera
health, happiness, life

Michal Hořenovský

Michal Hořenovský
individuality, energy, motion

Jiří Kříž - Masáže Husova

Jiří Kříž
motion, empathy, patience

Martin Vodvářka

Martin Vodvářka
devotion, goodwill, toleration

Have you decided to solve your aching back and neck? Do you want to relax and remove everyday stress? Or you want advice about health issues and lifestyle changes? This is the best start you could make!

1. We will keep the massage time

60 minutes means a full hour of a massage for us. We will devote ourselves to you for 100%. We won’t let you wait half an hour before the appointed time in the hall, nor will we shut the door behind you because another customer is waiting. Working hours are from 7 AM to 22 PM, so we can easily adjust to your demands. There are convenient online orders available for you, along with the booking calendar.

2. We will find the cause of your problem and we will suggest a solution

Customers often come with just one request: “My neck aches.” We won’t convince you that our professionally performed massage will provide permanent remedy and everlasting health. We’ll explain truthfully the cause of your pain, together we will find out the origin of the problem and we will recommend a solution for changing the one-sidedly stressed body area. We have the necessary experience but don’t expect us to be shamans who will solve your long lasting problem with placing our hands during one therapy session.

3. We don’t make flow production

Everyone can find what he’s looking for in our place. We adjust to our clients’ demands and we devote ourselves to each person individually within the agreed period of time. Minimum length of one therapy session is 30 minutes. You can find estimated massage times here. We can handle several types of massages and our art is to correctly combine techniques exactly for you and your needs.

4. We educate ourselves actively in our field of expertise

Each of us can make professional massage and we keep expanding our horizons with additional courses and new techniques. Each of us is different but we have one in common: We can admit that we cannot do everything. That’s why we won’t convince you that only we can do the best job. The more we know, the more we keep finding out what we lack. With us, your motion or health problem won’t stay covered with dust. If we cannot help, we consult possible solution with a colleague or we will recommend another specialist, doctor or physiotherapist who can provide professional assistance.

5. No additional consultation costs

Have you gone through our therapy session? It often happens that at home, after the massage, that you would like to ask a question that you didn’t think of during the therapy or there’s a new problem you want to solve. Send us an email! We’d be happy to answer all your questions. We don’t ask more money for such services – it’s common for us, it’s our work, we are not bothered by it. You can find frequently asked questions here.

6. We do our work responsibly

Our work is our hobby. We do it the best we can. We enjoy doing it. We do it right. We are certain that only quality can lead to gain and to mutual satisfaction. Unfortunately we live in a world where it’s common business practice to sell products and services that you don’t need, at all costs. Or it can happen that you will believe in widespread false information. If we know that you demand services that won’t help with your problem, we will tell you that and we won’t take money by doing something that is not useful for you. But if you just want to relax and need to enjoy silence and peace, then you are at the right place.

7. Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our services, you can make a complaint immediately and we will return your money.


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