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My name is Tharidu. I am from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). I was working as war reporter up to 2009. I suffered some injuries that I heal in ayurvedic traditional families. I stayed there for more than 5 years, learning and practising this art and translating old Sankrit text about Ayurveda.

With me, you can try complex, however personalised ayurvedic therapy with dosha diagnostics, marma massages, diet consultations, as well as the use of protective symbols or rituals. I can help you with musculoskeletal pain and long-term problems such as various blocks, fatigue, cellulite, insomnia, etc.

As I know, I am the only Sri Lankan ayurvedic therapist in the city. If you have trust on Ayurveda, please, come to try, how it works in practice.


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