Who is this massage suitable for?

Anti-migraine massage helps with headaches and migraines. It’s a highly relaxing and complex massage of a back, head and arms. By applying pressure to sensitive spots, the pain is subsided and the overall state and mood of the client gets better. This massage can help to remove tiredness, it helps in case of insomnia and painful states of a head, ears, eyes and teeth. It helps to relax the whole nerve system and to fine-tune both brain hemispheres. Further, this massage relaxes neck muscles and removes energetic blocks. It can be helpful in case of any disturbance of a body balance, nerve system or mind. It also helps with head skin and prevents headaches.

About this massage

Stiffness and pain of neck muscles are often results of the office lifestyle or stress. But they can also be caused by cold or excessive strain. Stiff muscles can cause headache and pain in other places, nervousness and depressions. That can lead to impaired sleep and the overall state of the client.

The anti-migraine massage is usually performed on the lying or sitting client and no massage oils are used (it also depends on the state and wishes of the client). We thoroughly massage neck and back, followed by stretching of muscles and gradual loosening of cervical spine.

The ideal number of massages

For the massage to be effective and bring permanent improvement of your condition, it’s necessary to repeat the massage several times (at least three times in case of this kind of massage). We will be happy to give you advice and offer the most suitable solution for you.

In case of repeated visits, the best and cheapest solution is to buy a Season Ticket.

Price starts at 420 Kč.
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Protimigrénová masáž - Masáže Husova

Who performs the Anti-Migraine Massage

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