About the Dry Massage and techniques we use

During Dry Massage, massage oils are not used. Therefore, it’s a dry technique, applied through clothes or without clothes. During this massage, we use a combination of common massage techniques, according to the state and wishes of our client. The ideal length of one massage is 60 minutes.

What is massaged?

We massage a whole body. It is suitable for relaxing and stretching muscles and for relaxing hard spots on a body.

Who is this massage suitable for?

This massage is suitable in case the client doesn’t wish to apply oils during the massage. The number of visits can depend on the state of the client. In case of an increased number of hard muscles, a minimum of three visits is recommended.

In case of repeated visits, we recommend purchasing our Season Ticket that is the cheapest option available.

Price starts at 420 Kč.
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Who performs the Dry Massage

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