About the Pregnancy massage

This massage is an individual therapy for women both before and after delivery. It makes all the body changes easier and it is a great preparation for the delivery itself. Babies whose mothers used get the massage are very calm after they are born.

Body and mind are very stressed during and before pregnancy which is why calming down and relaxation is very important during this period. Future mother feels fresh and full of energy after the massage.

What is massaged?

We massage the whole body except for reflexive points on feet – legs, back, arms, head.

The massage itself is done while lying down on side. You choose the position yourself, there are pillows and blankets available so you don’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable. We always adjust the massage according to the state and wishes of our client.

Price starts at 420 Kč.
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Massage for pregnant women

Who performs the Pregnancy Massage


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