About the Classic Massage

Classic massage consists of the most common techniques that originated mostly from the so called Swedish reconditioning massage. The massage intends to complexly loosen the body and to help clients with creating correct motion habits. Not only it relieves acute pain but also with improves the overall physical condition if you visit regularly.

Massage procedures can differ during the classic massage. That’s because we approach our client individually. We try to select such touches and procedures that can be the best help in your specific case. Every masseur is also an individuality and it manifests during the massage. That’s why it’s not sometimes easy to find the “right one” but in our place you can choose from the very best. We’ve attended many courses and we keep educating ourselves, so that you could enjoy the best quality massages.

Optimal number of massages

You will feel a relief after the first massage. For the massage to be effective and to bring a permanent improvement of your condition, it’s necessary to repeat the massage several times. We will be happy to give you advice and offer the most suitable solution for you.

In case of repeated visits, the best and cheapest solution is to buy our Season Ticket.

Price starts at 420 Kč.
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Who performs the Classic Massage


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