About the Honey massage

Honey massage uses special techniques and purifying effects of a high quality honey. It improves skin quality, its vascularity and it makes your skin look younger.

Effects of the Honey massage

The body is cleaned from pathogenic bacteria thanks to strong effects of honey and masseur techniques. The massage helps with clogged pores and vascularity of skin. Massage techniques activate a special function that helps kidneys, bowels and skin to remove toxic substances out from the body.

The client feels very light and relaxed after the Honey massage. The skin is gentle and smooth and full of pleasant smell of honey.

How the Honey massage is performed

One soup spoon of honey is applied to the skin. After the massage is finished, all honey is gently removed by a wet towel, which is enough to clean the skin completely from the honey.

We massage the back of a client, which is a place with the highest percentage of reflex areas, thanks to which most of toxic substances are removed from the body. It’s also possible to perform the massage on thighs, bottom, joints, knees and face.

Price: 750 Kč / 60 min
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Honey Massage

Who performs the Honey Massage


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