About the Breuss Massage

It is a gentle massage with an impact on the nervous and motion systems, particularly the spine. The massage influences greatly muscles around the spine, and that’s why it is suitable in case of back aches, because it can relax the intervertebral discs and relieve the pain. The side effect of these massage procedures that were invented by the Austrian natural healer Rudolf Breuss (1899-1990) is the release of blockades and mental tension. After the relaxing massage of the acupressure points around the spine, the client feels warm and energized. This massage is also used to prevent spinal blockage, or as a preparation before spinal treatment.

How this massage is performed

This is a massage with natural tutsan oil that is massaged into the vertebrae. Tutsan affects the physical and mental state – it helps with depression and stress, it is anti-inflammatory, it improves blood circulation and metabolism and regenerates intervertebral discs.

The ideal number of massages

For the massage to be effective and to bring a permanent improvement of your condition, it’s necessary to repeat the massage several times (at least three times in case of this kind of massage). We will be happy to give you advice and offer the most suitable solution for you.

In case of repeated visits, the best and cheapest solution is to buy a Season Ticket.

Price starts at 420 Kč.
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Breuss Massage - Masáže Husova

Who performs the Breuss Massage


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